1. Racing the sunrise to Williamsburg.


  2. Overheard in Greenwich Village

    "I wanna do a sketch about Springsteen and his common man bullshit and how the cheap seats at his concerts are still $200."


  3. Goodnight, GovBall! Thanks for the dope eve, @thatgirljess @instahussain @hintofheather (at The Governors Ball Music Festival)


  4. Cosmo Kramer: I’m on the corner of first, and first. Wait a minute. How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe!

    #newyork #nyc #soho #seinfeld #nexusoftheuniverse (at The Nexus Of The Universe)


  5. Current mood


  6. A day at the MoMA involves anarchy


  7. Made it to the MoMA!


  8. Writing postcards in Williamsburg.


  9. Empire.


  10. It was a halfway productive dayyyyyy. Big decisions being made. Thoughts about life and living and where to be slowly coming together.