1. My office


  2. The Fraser River


  3. iPhone + binoculars gives us a shitty glimpse of an everyday celestial object. Welcome to the future where it’s easy to forget ubiquity doesn’t equate quality.


  4. Did you know that Halifax is actually short for Halifacsimile? #Halifacts


  5. The ALS ice bucket challenge with Yuliya Talmazan (at Spanish Banks, Vancouver)


  6. Racing the sunrise to Williamsburg.


  7. Overheard in Greenwich Village

    "I wanna do a sketch about Springsteen and his common man bullshit and how the cheap seats at his concerts are still $200."


  8. It’s all lies

    This isn’t my life.

    What you see here is a carefully curated existence. Everything is true, yet it’s a lie. A lie of omission. Every status update and photo was considered and weighed and slotted into this fabricated reality we’re all in the process of constructing. 

    I’m all too aware of my fears and insecurities. The boredom and loneliness of life. How can mine compare to the lives everyone is leading around me? Someday even my sixty year old self will look back on my twenty eight year old self and wonder what happened. I’ll see the filtered photos with smiling drunk people in cool locales attached to witty status updates and try and figure out why I’m thirty years older and not leading the fun life I kind of remember. “The excruciating crawl of the present is a recent development, right?” I’ll muse in the living room of my suburban homestead. I’m cultivating a life that doesn’t exist and it’s contributing to the dissatisfaction I hear and read from others and feel in myself. 

    If we’re going to share our lives it should be more honest, but unfortunately the reality is is that reality is taboo. Melancholy updates and posts are considered oversharing. Even the replies people abandon on the update you post one drunk night are over zealous in their empathy, or simply confused about how to properly respond . The internet is a new and bright thing and we’re saddling it with proprieties and customs from other eras and kingdoms.

    I don’t write this to solve anything. Only to put it out there and let other people know that perfection is a fucking disease and that nobody has the life you think they do.


  9. In ten, twenty years or even next week we’ll look back on right now and think that what followed was inevitable. Don’t forget the uncertainty and unpredictability of today and how you are fighting for every decision, every accomplishment, and every outcome. We’re all surfing on the edge of an ever advancing reality and it’s easy to forget that even when life seems the same what comes next is always new and every minute forward must be earned, lived, and will ultimately be left in your wake for yourself and others to recall and narrate.

  10. 30 Rock as seen from below!