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  2. what’s the point of this? #england #london #martincreed #balloons (at Hayward Gallery)


  3. Standing in a stairwell by a roundabout after Lucrezia told me to walk

    We watched Anna and Sara drive their car over an island and pop a tire on their way to the kebab place.

    A couple guys ran over to help but Lu and I stood back.

    "You think they popped two tires?" asked Lu.

    "Definitely," I said.

    We watched for a while. Then I said, “I’m getting hungry. “

    We walked over. As we got there one guy was bouncing the spare tire down the street while the other was trying to unbolt the busted one.

    "Take a picture if you want," Lu laughed.

    Then the police arrived. Everyone pretended as if the girls weren’t drunk and that we were all there to change a flat tire. The police joked a bit — I’m told — but began asking about drivers and for IDs. Lu gave her’s and explained I was Canadian and didn’t have one.

    "Problemo," said the police officer.

    He said this a few times.

    Lu launched into a flurry of Italian and after a few minutes turned around and mouthed, “Walk.”

    I turned and began meandering between the milling people. Behind me a police car rolled up and two more got got out.


  4. Wanted to get this quote by SuperFurry tattooed for two years.


  5. east|west



  6. Heading to Berlin tonight on the bus. The past few days here in Holland were amazing and I got spoilt by family and a great friend.

    Ever wish you didn’t have to go?


  7. Hard to explain, but this is how I feel right now.

    (via cognitiveinequality)


  8. There is no NP Tower. This is actually a sneakily cropped photo of the sign for the new MNP Building. I took it sometime in October 2013 planning to post it with some math pun caption. In the first week, I turned to Wikipedia for a quick summary of P vs NP. Figured I could quickly read a dumbed down version of NP and use that as the basis for a pseudo-intellectual joke. 

    The entry didn’t give me enough to work with and, if I can be frank with you, I didn’t understand it. SO I decided to narrow my search and focus on NP specifically rather than trying to understand the entire situation. This led me to the NP (complexity page). Which quickly led me to both the Nondeterministic algorithym wiki page and the Time complexity page.

    At this point I gave up. I’m someone who pulls out their iPhone to tabulate the tip at a restaurant and the NP Joke Problem was becoming a sprawling behemoth that became more and more complex as one went deeper into the rabbit hole. 

    November 19th rolled around and I re-embarked on my trip around the world. Ahead of me lay long plane, train and bus rides sans wifi and I began reading books again. And enjoying them! After about five I started to look at more intellectual subjects to improve my brain. It was at this point the NP Sign reared it’s ugly head again when I perused my tumblr drafts. It was still sitting there with the caption: “something”.

    So here it is.

  9. kraumanis:

    It’s happening. speechlesssaga jasonsanders @mara-who-doesnt-have-tumblr


  10. Success

    Is a funny word. I can say that I successfully navigated a dozen cities in different languages and that’s true. However, in the process of navigation I took wrong busses and trains. Got lost without a cell phone. Walked hours and dozens of kilometres. Played charades with hundreds of locales before arriving at my destinations. Over time I would grow to know the cities and learned their curves and quicks and found myself making fewer mistakes until, on usually the day of departure I arrived at the airport or train station without delay to repeat the process once again.